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                                                   NATIONAL YOUTH COUNCIL OF FIJI

The ration behind formally establishing a Youth Council is to engage Fiji’s youth in meaningful, productive decision-making in service of their communities and giving them a direct channel of communication with government, civil society and development agencies to enable them to highlight issues and suggest appropriate solutions for improving their present circumstances and building a peaceful, sustainable future.

The National Youth Council, in Fiji’s case, dates back to the 1960s, when it was known as the Fiji National Youth Council or FNYC. Since its registration on the 18th day of December 1969, the FNYC has had a history checkered with revivals and downfalls, characterized by changes in government and differing priority levels placed on youth by various leaderships. After a period of sporadic activity involving periods of changes in government and wavering priority placed on youth, the National Youth Council fell into inactivity.
Cabinet decided in 2004 to establish a National Youth Advisory Board (NYAB) that would act in place of a Youth Council, consisting of 12 youth representatives from the 2 umbrella bodies of the Youth Assembly and Provincial Youth Forum, who would be the highest consultative forum for youth issues with a direct link to the Minister and Permanent Secretary for Youth and Sports, highlighting youth concerns and suggesting appropriate actions. This was fully funded by the Ministry of Youth, Employment Opportunities and Sport. The year 2007 brought another development, when the Ministry of Youth was downgraded to a Department, coming under the Ministry of Education, National Heritage, Culture and Arts, Youth and Sports, Labour, Industrial Relations and Employment.
In accordance with the plan of activities for the International Year of Youth, in October 2010 the National Youth Summit was held in Suva where youth representatives from the country’s various divisions met to discuss the re-establishment of a National Youth Council and to elect representatives to the Interim National Youth Council of Fiji.

The Interim NYCF consists of the same 2 umbrella groupings:

(1) The Provincial Youth Forum of the Fiji Islands (PYFFI), which comprises the 15 youth councils that are part of the provincial councils across Fiji with the additional council from Rotuma.

(2) The Youth Assembly of Fiji (YAFI) presently comprises of 18 youth groups that do not fall under provincial youth councils, mainly groups that are urban or peri-urban based. They include special interest groups, sports groups, faith-based groups, uniformed groups (St. John’s Brigade, Red Cross, etc.) and NGOs.

Each of these youth groupings have representatives on the National Youth Council, which is made up of 12 youth representatives, 6 each from the Provincial Youth Forum and the Youth
Assembly respectively. This Interim Council, over the course of the year leading up to August of 2011 (when the International Year of Youth will come to a close), has been tasked with laying the foundations for the revival of the Youth Council, formulating a Constitution, developing its organizational structure and seeking support from donor partners for it to operate independently of Government, so that these resolutions can be reviewed and passed at the National Youth Summit planned for August 11 this year (2011) and elections held for the more permanent National Youth Council of Fiji, before the closing of the International Year of Youth on August 12.
The current priorities set for the year of its establishment are: (1) Youth & Health (2) NYCF Advocacy and (3) Good Governance. These priorities were decided on after the first meeting of the NYCF, taking into account the needs identified in the various youth networks of the Council representatives as well as focusing on doing the groundwork and building capacity for a more formally established and functional National Youth Council.


1. To revive inactive networks, strengthen existing relationships and build new ones between youth groups and organizations, encouraging better coordination of efforts, consultations and advocacy through the National Youth Council of Fiji (NYCF).

2. To formulate a Constitution to guide the administration and management of the NYCF in a fair, transparent and efficient manner.

3. To engage donor support for the establishment of a Secretariat for the independent administration of the NYCF, to strengthen youth networks and to facilitate consultations and communication with youth groups/communities/organizations.

4. Upon passing the Constitution (planned for August 11, 2011) to elect a new NYCF that will oversee the following:
a) Formulating and implementing a Strategic Plan for the longer term vision, objectives and activities of the NYCF.
b) Networking through Partnership and affiliations with donors and international and regional organizations for the ongoing administration of the NYCF Secretariat

Intended Outputs

1. An NYCF Constitution and the formal registration of the NYCF as a legally recognized body under the relevant legislation.

2. NYCF Secretariat desk established to oversee administration of the Council.

3. NYCF Strategic Plan formulated by the newly elected Council Representatives, outlining priorities and planned initiatives.

4. Having transparent, clearly defined relationships with stakeholders such as other NGOs, development agencies (Secretariat of the Pacific Community, Pacific Youth Council, etc.), donors and Government bodies (Department of Youth and Sports).

5. Conducting regular consultations and communication with Council representatives, member groups, donors and partners as well as young people and the wider community of NYCF events and initiatives.

Planned Activities

1. 2nd Annual AGM: August 11, 2011 in Nadave, Tailevu
(i) Passing the inaugural Constitution of the NYCF
(ii) Setting forth on registering under the Charitable Trust Act
(iii) Sharing youth concerns from the North, West, Central-Eastern Division youth reps
(iv) Submit nominees and elect new NYCF Council members to serve for a three-year term

2. World Youth Day Celebration Activities & Closing of International Year of Youth: August 12, 2011 in Nausori Town
(i) Youth march through Nausori town including NYCF reps and schools
(ii) Cleanup campaign in Nausori
(iii) Community projects in Nausori
(iv) Youth Concert
(v) Booths displaying youth-related projects, initiatives and youth groups

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