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For the first time NYCF small grant initiative was made possible through funding  from UNDP and assistance from Ministry of Youth and Sports. There were 23 youth groups from the 4 divisions were assisted on youth initiated projects.

First Grant Recipients

1. Tritons Swimming Club                                2. The Apprentice

3. Natokowaqa Topline                                    4. Day Breakers Youth Club

5. Lomaiviti Provincial Youth Club               6. Youth Based Community Organization

7. Ba Provincial Youth Club                           8. Lawaki Youth Club

9. Kabokira Youth Club                                   10. Dream Nest Youth Club

11. Serua Provincial Youth Council              12. Lakeba Youth Council

13. Ra Provincial Youth Council                  14. Navuso Youth Groups

15. Nadi District Youth Council                  16. Vugalei Tikina Youth Council

17. Viti E Loma Youth Club                          18. Macuata Provincial Youth Council

19. Youth Champs for Mental Health        20. Aspire Networks

21. Taveuni Youth Groups                          22. Natacileka Youth Club

23. Uluisori Youth Club                            


In the first half of 2014, NYCF thorugh its small grant initiative funded by UNDP Pacific (SCEFI) were able to assist 9 youth groups from its members in terms of capacity building in preparation for the upcoming National General Election.

Second Grant Recipients

1. AWQA Fiji                                               2.Kasavu Youth Club

3. Nadi District Youth                              4. Red Cross Society

5. Lomaiviti Provincial                             6. Nadogo Tikina Youth

7. Dream Nest                                             8. Cikobia Tikina Youth

9. Youth Champs for Mental Health


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