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Nov 24, 2014


Following the AGM held beginning of the year there was a strong need for a special AGM to endorse the proposed changes and policies developed for the Council's ease and smooth opperations.

The objectives of this special AGM is to endorse the Councils policies as tasked to the Working Committee selected from the Suva AGM beginning of the year, 2014, review its working Constitution and Afirm the Councils 3 years Strategic Plan (2015 - 2017)

The upcomming scheduled Special AGM will be held at Naitasiri on the first week of December. Prior to the AGM, Provincial Youth Forum of Fiji will have its AGM and firmations of motions to be brough for the NYCF AGM.

The Youth Assembly of Fiji, as the seconf opperational arm of the Council will likewise hold a forum in preparation for the NYCF AGM.

The Coucnil is grateful to UNDP SCFI program for the technical and financial support rendered in preparation and opportunity for the Council to hold another AGM this year.

For more iformation please contact the office or come visit the Council staff at VB Complex, 6 Waimanu Road, Suva

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The National Youth Coucnil is in full force and preparation for its upcoming Special AGM. Since the last AGM beginning of the year, a working committee was tasked to furnish the working and operational policies of the council as this was viewed to be lacking internally.

Upon completion of this mandated tasks by the committee, these policies were then presented to the Project Board and noted cordially as progress for the coucnil.
Come the first week of December, 150 youths are anticipated to attend this special AGM at Naitasiri. Prior to this special AGM, on the same week the PYFFI and YAFI will have their respective meetings in preparation of motions for the special AGM

The objectives of this special AGM is to emdorse the Working Committee outcomes as in the policies and to review the current NYCF Constitution.

The Council is indeed grateful to SCEFI program within UNDP for this opportunity to hold this special AGM and for the technical assistance rendered in the preparation phase.  



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