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The National Youth Council of Fiji was first registered as a Charitable Organization in 1969. Simply known as the NYCF, is the umbrella body for the two operational arms; the Provincial Youth Forum of Fiji Islands (PYFFI) and the Youth Assembly of Fiji Islands (YAFI). Collectively the Council forges to new hights with a common vision and a mission in serving the interest of young people of this nation Fiji.

Towards Valued, capable and knowledgeable youths in a prosperous and sustainable Fiji


To Promote, Assist and Facilitate Youth Develoment in Fiji


OUR values are;





                  Peace Building


LOGO : What does it signify

3 Over arching figures represents the government, Church and the beloved land of Fiji (Matanitu, lotu and Vanua).

The lone Y figure indicates young people as one regardless of sex, ethnicity or background. 

Both hands raised signifies a victory through Justice and transparency.

The Blue wave like symbolizes youths lives to be calm at times and rough other times or even unpredictable as the waves at sea or great ocean of diversity

These as perseved under the guidance and partnership of the government, church and the ‘vanua’ would foster the essence of the collective values of Equality and Justice, Good Governance (Transparency and Accountability), Inclusiveness and Diversity, and Peace Building

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